What is this layered photoshop perspectives?


If you are into architectural 3D renderings, you will love these 2400+ ready made templates for your architectural 3D renderings. A good 3D rendering via 3D Max or Vray only tells half the story, it may be realistic but is it alive? This is where the magic of Photoshop comes in, these 2400+ layered psd backdrops will further enhance your renderings. As shown in the thumbnails below, all the layers are unflatten. Simple drag and drop your final rendering into one of the many templates and you’re ready to impress your client. Based on a survey, we spend approximately 47% of our time Googling online for images, cropping backdrops and photoshopping.

Photoshopping and Searching for images 47%
3D Modeling and rendering 35%
Others 8%


2400+ Photoshop files with unflatten layers, this enables you to freely import your 3D renderings into the existing photoshop. Saving time and energy.



A picture is worth a thousand words, a good perspective is worth thousands of dollars. Increases your company’s productivity, save time and impress your clients with amazing renderings.



Present with full confidence and Impress your clients or developers with compelling presentation-ready 3D perspectives. Win projects during tender and competition with these amazing renderings.


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Layered Photoshop Files
500 GB
Hard Disk Included
USD 399
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Details of our quality product

The Product

Free Delivery

  • Free delivery via FedEx or DHL
  • We accept international orders


Free Hard Disk

  • Brand new 2.5 inch 500GB portable USB 3.0 hard disk
  • Quality 500GB Portable Western Digital or Seagate HD
  • WD and Seagate are leaders in the hard disk technology


Hard Disk Contents

  • High resolution Adobe Photoshop files
  • 72 – 300dpi .PSD Photoshop files
  • 2400+ Layered Adobe Photoshop files


Bird’s Eye View

Bird’s Eye View

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Office Towers

Office Towers

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Sunset and Sunrise

Sunset and Sunrise

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Night View

Night View

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Hotel and Sea Resorts

Hotel and Sea Resorts

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Chinese and Japanese

Chinese and Japanese

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Meet the Talents

Meet the Team

Clark Thornton

Clark Thornton

Co-Founder & Technical Director

Clark Thorton is a graphic designer who works remotely from Birmingham, AL. He is an expert in Adobe Photoshop, a master of light and magic.

Kathleen Fox

Kathleen Fox

Creative Director

Kathleen Fox is a web and graphic designer who works as a freelancer online. She is dedicated in creating amazing web and renderings while being a stay home mom.

Robert Murphy

Robert Murphy

Visual Designer

Robert Murphy is a freelance 3D artist, he is an expert in 3D Max, Vray, Rhino and SketchUp. He loves coffee and cats, if he is not working, he can be found at the nearest pet shelter helping out abandoned animals.

Kristina Collins

Kristina Collins

Photoshop Lighting Designer

Kristina Collins is a Graphic Designer, graduated from New York University, she works remotely from her home in Washington. She love photography, photo editing and anything related to Photoshop.



These architectural 3D rendering perspective sample files are scaled down from the original resolution and dpi, they are still in layered format. Total size is 77MB with 7 low and 5 medium resolution files.

Download 12 PSD Sample Files

Frequent Asked Questions


Can I purchase the hard disk at a local store in my country?

No, it is only available online.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, wherever FedEx or DHL goes.

Are there downloadable options?

No, for your information, it takes 3 to 4 business days for FedEx to deliver the hard disk. If you have a 10mbps fiber broadband, it will take 4 days to download. Anything less than 1mbps will take approximately 45 days of none stop downloading. Below is a rough estimate of the number of days it takes to download 500GB of data on a high speed internet for 24 hours 7 days none stop basis:

512 Kbps – 91 Days 6 Hours 21 Minutes
768 Kbps – 60 Days 20 Hours 14 Minutes
1.5 Mbps – 30 Days 6 Hours 20 Minutes
2 Mbps – 22 Days 19 Hours 35 Minutes
10 Mbps – 4 Days 16 Hours 8 Minutes
44 Mbps – 1 Day 1 Hour 4 Minutes
100 Mbps – 11 Hours 12 Minutes

Is it cheaper to download?

No, in fact, it will cost both you and me more to download. You will have to buy your own hard disk, leave your computer switched on for days, and probably used up all of your yearly broadband quota because the total size is 500GB.

Can I trust your company? Is this a scam?

That is why we only accept payment via Paypal (with buyer protection), we don’t accept anonymous direct cash deposit such as Western Union or MoneyGram. We have to provide necessary information to Paypal for them to accept us as a merchant, thus you can trust Paypal.



  • Price includes free delivery and hard disk
  • Hard disk is Windows compatible only
  • Shipping takes approximately 4 business days
  • We accept international sales
  • We are a verified Paypal seller for 5 years
  • Paypal comes with buyer protection!

Did you know that these 2400+ Photoshop files is a small investment? Not only you save time and money, it helps your client to understand your design better.